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Project Pro Series Spray Systems

Under the designation Project Pro WAGNERhas developed a completely new equipment category especially for challenging projects which occur regularly and also on a larger scale when working

with paints and emulsions.

Reliable, quick and versatile in use
it is ready whenever a change of
colour, signs of wear or damage such
as graffiti has to be over coated on walls
and stairwells, or where extensive site
fences or large surfaces such as
a row of garage doors have
to be quickly and
effectively sprayed.

Among the typical projects for the ambitious DIY or maintainence user include the complete finishing of the interior or house redecoration, where a wide range of different objects such as wall and ceiling surfaces, doors, door frames, beams, steel beams, window shutters or carports are needing coating.

The equipment also offers a broad spectrum of use for projects undertaken by caretakers and service providers who take care of hotels, residential premises or schools. Those embarked on self build projects will find these models to be of great use saving precious time and giving a higher standard of finish over other methods.

A complete range of accessories and spare items are held in stock for immediate delivery, all at prices well below what other airless systems ask. We stock spray tips in ten sizes giving the ability to use your Project Pro in a wide range of applications using a variety of coatings in a cost effective manner.